Structural Strengthening & Rehabilitation

Kaiser Structural provides state-of-the-art structural strengthening techniques using high strength lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites.

This revolutionary retrofitting method is highly effective for increasing or restoring the capacity of existing damaged or structurally deficient concrete and masonry structural elements. CFRP’s incredible strength-to-weight ratio allows for significant structural strengthening without a significant increase in dead weight of the structure.

CFRP composites are unbelievably effective for use in repairing damaged or deficient reinforced concrete columns. They provide excellent confinement, and the flexible nature of the fabric material easily conforms to a wide variety of complex shapes.

This technology can be extended to most any columnar-type structural element such as utility poles, bridge piers, underwater piles, chimneys, tanks, towers, and large diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipes (LDPCCP).

CFRP composites can be used to effectively strengthen or repair existing reinforced concrete beams, girders, walls, and elevated slab systems.

The lightweight nature of CFRP composites allows for easier installation and reduced in-service downtimes compared to traditional strengthening techniques. Furthermore, CFRP does not add significant dead weight to the structure, and can easily conform to a wide variety of irregular shapes.

This technology is limited to flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete slabs and walls, and to flexural & shear strengthening of beams and girders.

CFRP composites can also be used to effectively strengthen or repair existing unreinforced masonry (URM) walls. The in-plane shear strength of URM walls can increased for shear wall applications, while the out-of-plane flexural strength can be increased for flexural applications. Research has also shown CFRP and hybrid composites to be highly effective for blast protection, where URM buildings are significantly vulnerable.

The technology for strengthening masonry is limited by code and is based on the geometry of the wall, the construction of the wall, and the type of strengthening being performed.