Structural Engineering Services

We offer complete structural engineering design services for office buildings, retail buildings, educational facilities, municipal facilities, aquatic facilities, parking garages, apartment buildings, custom & production homes, metal building foundations, and site work structures. Materials of construction include structural steel, light-gauge steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, and wood.

We offer complete structural engineering design services for strengthening and rehabilitating existing reinforced concrete and masonry infrastructure using state-of-the-art carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP). With 20 years of experience in FRP materials, you receive competent structural engineering services from an expert in the field. CFPR materials for use in civil engineering is a rapidly advancing, highly specialized practice in the field of lightweight, high-strength structural retrofitting.

We offer a variety of expert witness services for a multiplicity of structural related problems. Services include structural forensics, structural evaluations, expert opinions, written reports, depositions, and legal testimony.

We offer detailed forensic structural engineering services related to investigating and determining the cause of unusual structural distress and structural failures. We evaluate structures and construction documents for compliance with the model building code.

We offer cursory, observation-based structural evaluations of existing structures exhibiting signs of minor structural distress, focusing on providing a cost-effective approach to restoring structural soundness.

We offer alternative structural systems/materials to reduce new construction costs for existing designs, while maintaining the intended function of the structure. Substantial savings in construction costs can be realized through the process of value engineering.